10-days free, limited offer! No credit card needed. Try Now

10-days free, limited offer! No credit card needed. Try Now

No Credit Card Needed

How It Works


Sign up and start speaking with your coach right away

Try the 10-day free trial and get coaching right away, no credit card needed!
This allows you to get to know your coach, get familiar with the app, and get free workout and nutrition advice. There is absolutely no pressure to sign up.

All of our coaches are certified, and have extra certificates in an area they specialize in. We will match you up with the perfect coach to suit your needs. You can also help choose from the Trainer Bios page. 


Pick your perfect plan

Pick a plan depending on how much contact you need with your coach. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see our plans.

Your dedicated coach will make you a new fitness routine each week based on your needs.

Trying to be a bodybuilder? Or just want to be as healthy as possible? Your coach will build you the perfect routine, even down to fixing muscle imbalances and rehabilitating injuries. You don’t even need any equipment, but if you have some, tell your coach so you can make the most out of it!

Each exercise is shown with highly detailed instructions and videos on our app and from your coach. 

Online Fitness Training


Change Tempos Each week

You have multiple energy systems and types of muscle fiber. Train them with different tempos for best results.
Tip Top Fitness coaches will switch up not just your workouts, but also the tempo of your workouts each week.


9 Progress tracking on our app and from your coach.

9 Fitbit integration.

9 Regular texts and live video sessions with your coach.

9 Unlimited exercise and nutrition advice.

This unique blend of expert coaching and cutting edge technology sets Tip Top Fitness miles apart from other programs.

The Best Plan for You

Choose the right plan depending on how much contact you need with your coach. 
Tip Top Standard
    • Daily custom workouts on the app, meal tracker, & minimal contact with your coach.
    • Your routine will be based off of how much equipment or gym access you have.


Tip Top Live
  •  Daily custom workouts, nutrition advice, & texts, plus:
  •  Weekly 1-on-1 video meetings with your coach.
  • Set of high quality latex resistance bands.
Tip Top Live+
  •  Daily custom workouts, nutrition advice, & texts, plus:
  • 2 x Per Week 1-on-1 hour-long video sessions where your coach will walk you through your entire workout. Unbeatable if you want extra help with your form or motivation, 
  • Set of high quality latex resistance bands.
Corporate Plan
  • Get your employees fit and healthy.
  • The same benefits as our other plans.
  • Opportunity for group challenges/prizes. 
  • For businesses of any size.

Laurence Larsen,
Founder & Head Coach


When I was younger I was in terrible shape,  I would avoid exercise altogether because I was embarrassed, lazy, and didn’t have a personal trainer to show me the right way to workout.

Now, I’m the polar opposite, and I’ve spent the last decade helping people achieve greatness!

Laurence has multiple certificates in Personal Training and Corrective Exercise, mostly through (NASM). What sets him apart from other Coaches is that he is a geek when it comes to reading all the most recent scientific journals and can’t go more than a day without geeking out at www.pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.

This gives him a wealth of health and fitness knowledge that can’t be beat. 


“This app totally changed the way I workout! I was able to work through my injuries with the scaled workout plans, and the Zoom meetings with my trainer were super inspiring”
Rebecca Fischel

”After a year of weight training with Laurence, I have more strength, agility, and balance than ever (even my friends have noticed), and his workouts are super fun and affordable! ”