Grandma used to say “eating Jell-O is good for you.” Minus the sugar, it turns out that marvelous old woman was right.

Collagen is the main ingredient in Jell-O. Yes the same Collagen that your joints contain. Gelatin is the same thing.

It has Immense benefits for your joints, hair, skin nails, and a range of other benefits. It is in fact a protein and there are studies saying you can have up to 30% of your daily protein intake be from collagen.

The hydrolyzed/peptide form is absorbed by your body more efficiently, but is harder to make Jell-O out of. There are numerous sugar free Jell-O recipes online using monkfuit and/or stevia as a sweetener. I just mix the hydrolyzed type into warm water and drink it like that.

Here are some citations showing the benefits:


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