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10-days free, limited offer! No credit card needed. Try Now



” I’m so happy I found Lawrence! As an older person I wanted to improve my strength and balance! Lawrence is careful, creative and always challenging me to get better/stronger! I very much look forward to our workouts! Sharon B. “


– Sharon Berle

” I was losing hope with my fitness program until I found Tip Top. Since then I have seen serious improvement and progress with my body and peace of mind. I recommend this program to anyone looking to improve themselves. It’s literally a perfect option for anyone. “

– Jack M

” This app totally changed the way I workout! The personalized fitness plan was perfect for my goal to become a firefighter, and the functional fitness prepared me for the rigorous training in academy! I was able to work through all my injuries using the in-app diagnosis and scaled workout plans, and my skype sessions with my trainer were super inspiring “

– Rebecca Fischel

” Training with Laurence has met & surpassed all my expectations. He’s very personable & positive and will have you looking forward to your workout. He designed very attainable goals for me and I’m gaining muscle and constantly feeling stronger. If you’re looking for a serious, fitness professional who will help you achieve your goals, he’s your guy! “


– R. E. H

” Awesome experience! Definitely a return customer A+ “

– Max Johnston

” A great trainer who is always ready to answer any queries you may have. “

– Tom Coleman

” Laurence is an awesome trainer! He is always professional and stays on top of new ideas in the fitness world. He pushes me to do more-always insuring my safety and health. Laurence can help you work to strengthen an injury and is keenly aware of any issues that need to be addressed. Highly recommended! “

– Betty Hash

” Working with Laurence has been an awesome experience, especially having to deal with changing the way I workout and live due to the quarentine. I was unsure how to move forward without being able to use an unlimited amount of equipment at the gym. The app is really user friendly and he is very responsive getting back to me. “

– Eric Stone

” Training with Laurence over the last year has been a stellar experience. The workouts he creates are fun and challenging, and it’s been amazing to see how much my fitness has improved since I’ve been working with him. He’s professional and engaging, and never makes you feel intimidated. I’d highly recommend Laurence and Tip Top Fitness to anyone who is looking for personal, professional and effective personal training. “


– Christine M

” Laurence Larsen has been my trainer for almost 3 years. The results we have achieved together have exceeded my expectations. Laurence is certified with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and more recently earned his certification in Corrective Exercise. He designs my sessions to match my needs. “ 

– Dog Dog

” I highly recommend Laurence to get the results that you want for yourself!

He is very knowledgeable and customize every session to your physical capacities…I worked with Laurence for three months and got back in shape in no time. I will definitely hire him again whenever I need help!

– Olivier Houssais

” After a year of weight training with Laurence, I have more strength, agility, and balance than ever (even my friends have noticed), and his workouts are super fun and affordable! “

– Caroline Schwartz

” I have tried multiple personal trainers and Laurence is by far the most detail oriented and helped me exceed my goals! “

– Riley Badillo

” Super friendly; patient and knowledgeable. The results I’m getting from the online training are great and so convenient.

– Jose Ramos

” I had a training session here with Laurence Larson recently and was very pleased with the outcome. Normally I don’t enjoy personal training sessions, as they are usually too focused on specific workouts and not tailored to the individual, and usually lack an understanding of underlying health issues. Laurence was not only knowledgeable on a range of exercise techniques, including cardio and weight training, but also had a lot of information on nutrition and helping me design a plan specific to my health needs. Very easy to work with, and I am pleased to say I will be coming back for another session! 

– Grant Catlin


” This is the best Personal Training you will find Anywhere! Amazing results even within just 1 month! “


– Riley Badillo

“Laurence totally changed the way I workout! The personalized fitness plan was perfect for my goal to become a firefighter, and the functional fitness prepared me for the rigorous training in academy! I was able ”


– Rebecca Fischel

” Laurence is passionate and knows what he’s talking about! “


– Lara Mirinjian

“Laurence is a great trainer. We are working well together to help me achieve my goals. I have trust and faith in his abilities and enjoy our sessions very much.”


– Sean Fraer

” 5 Stars “


– Cole Wilkins


” Laurence Larsen has been an immense help to me as a personal trainer, He has an extensive knowledge of up to date training techniques and knows exactly which exercises will help me the most. He is also able to advise me on life style, motivation and nutrition without being judgemental or impatient. Lessons with Laurence are never boring but always challenging and fun. I have felt so much better since starting to work with him a year ago and i would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their health , general fitness and mental well being. “


– Catherine C.

” Mr. Larsen is a very professional and knowledgeable personal trainer. His expertise in his field helped to build me a workout routine that fit my needs and my busy schedule. He taught me proper exercise mechanics and what to expect out of my workout routine. Mr. Larsen also gave me multiple pointers on proper nutritional habits to maximize the benefits from my exercise program. ”


– Curtis Z.

” Very knowledgable in fitness and diet. Really asks you about your goals and builds a plan about how to achieve it from multiple directions. Very motivated and driven, cares foremost about your results and working a healthy plan that fits your lifestyle “


– Eric S.

” Laurence is a wonderful trainer. He is motivating and exceedingly knowledgable and manages to keep me on track. He mixes up my work outs so I am never bored but continue to move towards my goals. I particularly like his gentle English sensibility ….. He has a way about him that is unique and very ”


– Kirsten C.

” Just had the first two sessions “


– Scott E.

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