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trainer bios

We have a handful of dedicated, highly qualified fitness coaches to choose from. They are all Certified Personal Trainers and have at least one additional specialist Certificate or Degree. We will connect you with the perfect coach for you to reach your specific goals!



Laurence Larsen

When I was younger I was in terrible shape. Once I figured out how to workout effectively, I became the polar opposite. My mission is to help other people make this transition to a stronger and healthier life.

I have over a decade of personal training experience, a certificate in Personal Training through NASM, an extra certificate in Corrective Exercise through NASM. I moved to California from Enlgand 10 years ago. I have also been doing jiu-jitsu and kickboxing that same amount of time.
My clients have been everyone from professional athletes, to people who have never worked out a day in their life, and everyone in between.

Specialties: Functional Fitness, Corrective Exercise

With 15 years of personal training under his belt, a Masters degree in Health and Human Performance and countless amount of success with many clients, Julian is the ideal trainer for you.
Julian began his fitness journey as an collegiate athlete where excelled in powerlifting capturing 2 Louisiana State Championships in his weight class. While in college he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training where he learned how to prevent and treat injuries but also aid the body to quick and effective recovery. Julian’s desire for knowledge about the body lead to him receive his Master’s Degree in Health and Human Performance.

Specialties: Overall Health and Fitness, Powerlifting.

Coleen fleming

Coleen has been involved in the fitness industry since 2009.  Her first certification was in Les Mills Body Pump.  She received her personal training certification in 2010.  Since then, she has added a new certification every year.  Coleen has experience in strength training and was in a NPC Figure Competition.  Her latest accomplishments were receiving her Mat Pilates Certification and her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.  She also practices reiki and supports the idea that wellness encapsulates both the mind and body.  She loves the outdoors and likes to hike, rock climb, and play pickleball.

Specialties: Strength training, HIIT, Stages Cycling, Yoga, Pilates, Aqua fitness, HIIT, Group training, Progressive Ballet Technique (Barre), TRX


Arash Zoobin

Health and fitness specialist with over 15 years experience in a variety of specialties within the heath and wellness realm. Does exercise programming for online clientele.  Advanced education and certifications in exercise physiology allows him to work with a multitude of populations, especially working with cardiac and diabetes. Enjoys helping regulate the amount of medications they need, or don’t need any longer because of proper nutrition and exercise regiments. Also versed in the phsychology of exerciese, gets clients to adhere to new healthy habits.

Works with athletes of all levels. Trains amateur boxers and mma athletes. Training Muay Thai, and mma alongside providing strength and conditioning, nutrition counseling, and education on cutting weight for competition.

Specialties: Functional Fitness, Sports Performance, Cardiac Disease, and Diabetes. 

Michael tillman

As a National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF) certified personal trainer I have worked with men and women from sixteen to ninety from many different backgrounds. My goal is to safely guide them through their fitness journey and to encourage them to embrace the journey. I believe that fitness is a lifestyle that translates into other areas of our lives. We are creatures of habit and our habits will always show up.       

Specialties: Weight Training, Weight Loss, Diabetes Prevention, Habit Coaching, Group training and Nutrition Coaching. 

Brenyn Marshall

Brenyn holds a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Training for sports at an early age encouraged and forged his passion for health and wellness. Understanding there is no shortcuts and implementing a sustainable routine has created a lifestyle in which anyone can attain with the right guidance.

Specialties: Overall Health and Fitness, Bodybuilding.

Austin Fuerch

Certified personal trainer and Nutrition Coach from NASM. Got involved into health and fitness at a young age pursuing my love for sports. Learned a great deal about dedication and am looking to help others pursue their fitness goals and dreams.

Specialties: Bodybuilding, Nutrition. 


Lisa comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in fitness, and has a Harvard background. She has specific skill sets in working with adults with autism and disabilities to also improve their health through workout programs.

Lisa has taught small group sessions, 1 on 1 personal training sessions, plus HIIT programs and what is considered Playfit which is playing games to be physically active. She is super motivated to help you on your journey and her positivity and love for fitness is one that will embrace you.

Specialties: Cardio, Barre, Mental Disabilities, and Athletics.