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About us

All of our Trainers are NASM Certified with at least one additional specialist certificate. Let us help you get connected with the perfect coach for you!

Laurence Larsen, CPT

When I was younger I was in terrible shape. Once I figured out how to workout effectively, I became the polar opposite. My mission is to help other people make this transition to a stronger and healthier life.

I have over a decade of personal training experience, a certificate in Personal Training through NASM, an extra certificate in Corrective Exercise through NASM. I moved to California from Enlgand 10 years ago. I have also been doing jiu-jitsu and kickboxing that same amount of time.
My clients have been everyone from professional athletes, to people who have never worked out a day in their life, and everyone in between.

Brenyn Marshall, CPT

Brenyn holds a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Training for sports at an early age encouraged and forged his passion for health and wellness. Understanding there is no shortcuts and implementing a sustainable routine has created a lifestyle in which anyone can attain with the right guidance.